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Nearly two-thirds of the New Testament, including all of the letters of Paul, most of the book of Acts, and the book of Revelation, is set outside of Israel, in regions now known as Turkey or Greece. Perillo Tours provides Biblical-oriented tours of these areas that were once ancient Greece and Asia Minor. These tours have become increasingly popular and are in depth tours that follow the steps as mentioned in the New Testament. Watch and feel Christianity come alive again as it did in the beginning and consume yourself in the these biblical territories.

Paul received a vision calling him to Macedonia. In Philippi they convert Lydia, cure a slave girl of her evil spirit and are thrown into prison. Once there, their jailer is converted and they are released from prison. Next they go to Thessalonica, preach in the synagogue and make converts. But some Jews make trouble so Paul and Silas are sent by night to Berea. Whilst working in Berea, they find ready minds to receive the gospel. But the trouble makers arrive and Paul is taken to Athens, Greece to avoid them and Paul preaches a sermon in Athens.

Experience Greece like never before by journeying through Athens, Mykonos, Ephesus, and various other biblical age locations within the region of ancient Greec and Turkey. Explore through Patmos, Heraklion, Santorini, and even Corinth and Argolis. After you have gone through the many historical and biblical sites and artifacts, make your way to Rome where you will get to explore the Vatican, St. John's Basilica, and many other excitingly interesting sites of Rome! This tour is an experience that you do not want to miss!