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The passion for  the  language and cuisine of Italy owes as much to the history and geography of the country as it does to its people, dialects and  regional cuisine.  Learn basic language skills, and get a taste of Italy’s gastronomic culture and local food as you make your way through the romantic Tuscany and The Cinque Terre on this exciting cooking tour. What we love about Italian Language and Cooking in Tuscany and The Cinque Terre: Feel and live the destination through visits, languages lessons and food immersions. Life enhancing, transformative travel.

My Week as a Painter in Iceland

Have you ever pondered living life as a professional artist?

Join Learning Journeys in Iceland to develop your artistic skills in one of the most dramatic destinations on the planet.

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Spend your holiday abroad in London and experience a classic Victorian Christmas! Perillo's Learning Journeys has  created a different way to experience an authentic Christmas in London.

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Lake Placid is the perfect location for a staycation. Nestled in a village in the mountains, the sparkling waters of Mirror Lake shore reveals stunning panoramic views of the High Peaks .

Relax at the spa, enjoy a cooking class, walk or hike, canoe, play tennis and explore the beauty of the Adirondacks with plenty of room to roam.

A family friendly inn on the shores of Lake Placid

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Discover the Adirondack Park, one of the most spectacular natural attractions inthe United States and lies within a day‘s drive for much of the Northeastern United States, as well as Ontario and Quebec.

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Experience the best of Alaska in six days on our Alaska Kenai Peninsula Adventure. Kayak Resurrection Bay in search of porpoises, sea lions and orca whales and listen for the sharp crack! of Holgate Glacier calving into an ice-studded sea on a Glacier & Wildlife Cruise. Pedal past wildflower-studded meadows and thundering waterfalls en route to the gold rush town of Hope and take in the vastness of the Chugach National Forest as you hike a portion of the Iditarod trail.

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Maui really knows how to celebrate the holidays with warmth and Aloha. You’ll find the island decked out in lights, ornaments and cheer. Throughout the island there are events, festivals and entertainment for young and old. Santa makes a guest appearance at multiple beaches, arriving by canoe with treats and gifts!  

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Unique perspective of wildlife in Costa Rica through a photographic lens.

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Join Giada Valenti on a  Musical Journey to Italy.  Our journey focuses on the iconic art cities of Venice, Florence and Rome.

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Highlights include a specific focus on the art and architecture of the Renaissance. Stay at a 12th Century Tuscan Villa. Learning includes a language lesson and two exclusive drawing and painting “en plein air” classes, a mosaic tile class and a "Food as Art" experience.  In the warm weather months, course takes place outside, in the heart of Florence and Rome.

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Experience both traditional and pop culture in Japan, touring Ghibli Museum, and sightseeing in Akihabara and Harajuku on this tour. Akihabara is the home of Tokyo’s ‘Otaku’ culture. Translated into English ‘Otaku’ means obsession but it really describes the hardcore fans of manga, anime and video games. This used to be an area where this subculture hid from the rest of Japan but now times have changed and the area is now a popular place for people to go, shop and soak up the unique and quirky atmosphere.

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Live like a local in Florence! Want to learn Italian in an authentic environment? This course is specifically designed for mature students of any age! Students will learn Italian in a pleasant and relaxing apartment environment, accompanied by a wide variety of cultural and culinary activities including city, culinary and vineyard tours!


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There are hundreds of reasons we love Ireland! From the dramatic coastlines with their remote, beaches to the peat bogs, ruins and prehistoric sites dotted around the country. When you visit, you can see deer in the park, walk the cliffs, go horseback riding on the beach or tour a whiskey distillery. Visitors to Ireland will also love the cultural traditions like music sessions, storytelling and poetry, as well as lively pubs and meeting friendly Irish locals.  Join Learning Journeys and Live Like a Local in Ireland.

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Live like a Local in Rome.

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Transform your life!  Live your dream of studying  Italian language and cooking, Roman style all while partaking in language study abroad!  

Enjoy an educational immersion into Roman culture, dialect and traditional foods on this food tour.  You will experience hands-on lessons while seeing the highlights of the city and learning how to prepare traditional dishes with a local chef.  You will return with skills that will last beyond the memories of the travel experience.  

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Journey through red rock heaven on this Learning Journeys adventure featuring Utah’s “Mighty Five” national parks – Canyonlands, Arches, Capitol Reef, Bryce, and Zion. The surreal scenery and variety of activities, all located within a relatively small geographical area, make this unforgettable adventure an easy way to check 5 of America’s 59 parks off your bucket list!

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Welcome to Montana.  We’re excited to share with you our insider’s perspective on this six-day Big Sky, Yellowstone; Paradise Valley adventure. Hike with homegrown guides to secluded vistas in Yellowstone’s backcountry, across meadows and to high alpine lakes. Ride horseback into the mountains with a fourth generation Montana cowboy. When night falls, relax and recharge with a soak in a soothing hot spring-fed pool and with Big Sky Country’s tasty cuisine.

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Maui really knows how to celebrate the holidays with warmth and Aloha. You’ll find the island decked out in lights, ornaments and  cheer.

Throughout the island there are events, festivals and entertainment for young and old.  Santa makes a guest appearance at multiple beaches, arriving by canoe with treats and gifts!

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Unique Dance and Arts focused journey to Saint Petersburg, Russia.  Experience private before hours tours with top museum curators,dancers and artists.  Learn about crafts and folklore and experience the destination through performances. Perfect for dance teachers and schools. Help your students explore the world through dance and art tours!

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2021 Live like a local in Tuscany including Land and Air from NYC! 

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Gaeta is an enchanting seaside village located on the coastline between Rome and Naples, known as Ulysse’s Riviera. Known for it's delicious olives, two castles, seven beaches and relaxed lifestyle, a  stay in Gaeta is the perfect way to experience life as a local. A stroll around the old town will provide a insight into the Italian lifestyle.  Enjoy the labyrinth of narrow streets and endless staircases which connect the lower and the higher part of the village. It’s a popular summertime destination because of its seven fabulous beaches.

Gastronomy and viticulture enthusiasts, this cruise between Rhône and Saône will seduce you. From the Rhone Valley to the Beaujolais vineyards, through the vineyards of Côte Rôtie and the terroir of Condrieu, go for a discovery tour with tastings that will tantalize your palate.

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Welcome to your weeklong adventure through Southeastern Utah’s legendary Canyonlands. Explore the amazing Colorado River by raft. Pedal between burnt-orange sheer-walled canyons and enormous uniquely-shaped sandstone towers on a road snaking through Castle Valley. Hike by ancient petroglyphs, a glimpse into the rituals and beliefs of the Fremont, Anasazi, Navajo and Anglo communities of thousands of years past. At the end of the day, eat a hearty dinner before retiring to the comfort of your home for the week, the Canyonlands Inn, located in the heart of Moab!

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Yellowstone & Teton National Parks are paradises for family adventure. Our expert guides create a secure and rewarding environment, full of challenge, accomplishment and fun. Combined with exceptional accommodations and classic dining, this adventure will WOW the whole family!