time 10 Days / 9 Nights

Explore the beautiful and enchanting lands of Denmark and Iceland! This tour will educate you on the facts and myths of the Vikings throughout Denmark and Iceland and allow you to see, through their culture and history, how the Vikings lived and fought. Get ready for an unforgettable adventure through Denmark and Iceland! You do not want to miss this exceptional tour.

inclusion Inclusions
  • Transfers
  • English Speaking Tour Escort & Guides
  • Welcome Dinner
  • Breakfast Daily
  • Roskilde Tour
  • Viking Museum
  • Copenhagen
  • Lejre Land
  • Mosegaard Museum
  • Jelling Monuments
  • Hans Christian Museum
  • Flight to Iceland
  • Golden Circle Tour
  • Erik Red's reconstructed farm
  • Snorrastofa
dates Itinerary
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Upon arrival in Copenhagen, you will meet the guide and be transferred to your hotel. There you will have dinner and be able to settle into your first overnight stay in Denmark!

Enjoy a delicious breakfast at the hotel and then take a morning excursion to Roskilde, which was once the capital city of Denmark. Today, Roskilde is the royal family’s preferred burial place and there are no less than 39 royal graves in Roskilde Cathedral. The city became a modern commercial center with strong historical roots. These are expressed in the Viking Ship Museum, the medieval city, sacred springs, monasteries, barrows, and a cathedral that is a world heritage site! And then perhaps it ought to be mentioned that from Roskilde you have a magnificent view of Roskilde Fjord, the Vikings’ waterway out to the rest of the world. You will then return to Copenhagen and have the rest of the afternoon free. Later on you will be able to have dinner at your hotel.


After breakfast at the hotel, prepare to depart from Copenhagen and stop at Lejre Land of Legends on the way. Located on a beautiful hill, the Land of Legends has remade the largest King’s Hall that we know of from the Viking Age in Denmark. The original archeological finds that the King’s Hall build on are to be found less than 3 kilometers from the Land of Legends, on a field in the village. Here, archeologists have been busy excavating the traces of an impressive building, which spreads through the Iron Age and into the Viking Age. After that you will continue to Trelleborg, an old Viking city. The impressive remains of one of the Vikings’ great ring fortresses were originally constructed around AD 980 by King Harald Bluetooth and are located in the beautiful area of Tude ådal. The museum at Trelleborg includes models, archeological finds and reconstructions that give a vivid impression of Trelleborg’s history, its inhabitants and the function of the fortress. Afeterwards you will take a ferry to Aarhus and have dinner and your first overnight stay in Aarhus.

First, breakfast will be at the hotel and then you will prepare for departure to Moesgaard Museum, where prehistory is presented innovatively in a breathtaking architectural setting with its location in the beautiful surroundings overlooking the forest and the sea.  Continue your day with a visit to Jelling. In the tenth century, King Harald Bluetooth had Denmark’s name engraved on a rune stone in Jelling and erected two barrows and a church. The Jelling Monuments have enjoyed UNESCO World Heritage patronage since 1994 because they are considered Europe’s finest Viking Age monuments. The stones are considered Denmark’s baptism certificate and the figure of Christ inscribed is also featured in all Danish passports. Dinner and your overnight stay in Odense will be at your hotel.

Enjoy breakfast at your hotel and then go and visit Hans Christian Andersen Museum in Odense. Right back from the time when Hans Christian Andersen was a boy, long before he published his first fairy tales and became famous, people saved some of the things he did as a keepsake. Today, the museum’s unique collection contains more than 32,000 items, many of which you can get right up close to at H.C. Andersen Museum. Together, they represent his entire life and life’s work. Later on, continue to Copenhagen crossing the impressive Storebælt Bridge and enjoy dinner and an overnight stay in Copenhagen.

Enjoy breakfast at your hotel and prepare to be transferred to the Copenhagen Airport where you will have a flight to Iceland. Upon arrival in Reykjavik you will be transferred to the area of Borgarnes and have dinner and your first overnight stay in Borgarnes.

Have breakfast at the hotel and then the rest of your day will be dedicated to the Golden Circle Tour, the most iconic tour that you can do in Iceland. The tour starts with a stop in Þingvellir National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site listing and the birthplace of the oldest existing parliament in the world. This is also where the gigantic tectonic plates of America and Eurasia have pulled apart and the resulting rift valley is right there before your eyes on the shores of Iceland’s biggest lake. The next stop is one of Iceland’s most beautiful natural wonders: Geysir Hot Springs, the home of the one-and-only original geyser. Here the ground trembles and steaming hot water spouts spectacularly skywards from the famous Strokkur Geyser every few minutes. The tour continues for a leisurely walk down to Gullfoss Waterfall, which is an impressive sight to behold. Here a powerful glacial river cascades down 32 meters on two levels and into a narrow canyon with a thunderous roar. Later on, return to your hotel for dinner.

Enjoy breakfast at your hotel and then prepare for a trip to Erik the Red’s reconstructed farm. Hidden away in West Iceland, the Dalabyggð region was the starting point for one of the most exciting chapters in the history of mankind. The Viking Age expansion continued westward from Iceland and took explorers first to Greenland and later to the shores of North America. Here you will learn more about Erik the Red and his history and you will experience the real Viking life. Before heading back to the hotel, you will pay a visit at Snorrastofa, the home of Snorri Sturluson (1179-1241) from 1206- 1241. Snorri was quite possibly the most influential Icelander ever. He was a Saga writer, politician, historiographer and poet. Then you will have an overnight stay in Reykjavik.





After breakfast at the hotel, the day is at your disposal for possible further optional visits (depending on the time of the year, different options will be provided, but for sure once in Iceland there should be a stop at the Blue Lagoon). In the evening, a farewell group dinner will be held. You will go to the Viking Village just outside Reykjavik and eat at Fjörukráin, the Viking Restaurant. Here, the emphasis is on the Viking Era and as you enter you step into the world of the past. The décor is in the Viking style and you will experience a true Viking feast with traditional meals served in old-fashioned Viking-style trays. During these famous feasts there is never a dull moment and the guests can expect various treats and surprises offered by the singing Valkyries and Vikings.

After breakfast at your hotel, prepare to be transferred to the Keflavik Airport for your flight back to the USA.

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