escort Friends & Family: Women's Travel


Perillo understands how women may need some time on their own with their female friends to relax, have fun, and enjoy some alone time. Our team is ready to create and customize an experience especially for you and your group. Our customized tours allow your group to choose a destination and we'll tailor the itinerary to your groups wants and budget. Whether you want to take a shopping tour in Italy or go wine tasting in Napa our team is there to help you decide. The world is yours to explore and have fun together! For 76+ years Perillo has earned the respect and experience in the travel world which allows us to offer global trusted travel to our clients and to ensure the best service and pricing. Enjoy a getaway with just you and your girl friends!

Irish Music is the heart and soul of the Irish people and their culture and history. Enjoy an unforgettable getaway to hear some traditional Irish music including a variety of songs and ballads that are both happy and sad. This tour will allow you to visit and see people who create this music and hear them masterfully play.

Lisbon is a city where the sun shines 290 days a year and the temperature hardly ever drops below 59 degrees. Here you will find museums, shops, cafes & restaurants that specialize in bacalhau (salted cod) as well as other great cuisine. Lisbon is a treat for both the eyes, ears, and taste. A perfect paradise that offers something for everyone.

Live like a Local in Rome! Live your dream of studying Italian language and cooking Roman style all while partaking in language study abroad! Enjoy an educational immersion into Roman culture, dialect, and traditional foods on this food tour. Experience hands-on lessons while seeing the highlights of the city and learning how to prepare traditional dishes with a local chef. You will return with skills that will last beyond the memories of the travel experience.

Malta is a mystical island full of wonder and beauty. Malta island is located in the central Mediterranean Sea with a close historical and cultural connection to both Europe and North Africa, lying some 58 miles (93 km) south of Sicily and 180 miles (290 km) from either Libya or Tunisia.  This tour will let you explore some of the hidden and magical wonders of Malta.