escort Friends & Family: Italy

Since 1945, the Perillo family has been welcoming families to our home, Italy.
From the major cities to the charming hill towns off the beaten path, Perillo's itineraries have been curated and crafted for your ultimate enjoyment. You'll appreciate our balance of sightseeing, free time, optional activities and relaxation. We are waiting to welcome your family to enjoy an unforgettable journey as part of the Perillo family.

Spend 7 nights in a first- class hotel in Polignano a Mare and enjoy visits to cities such as Alberobello, Ostuni, Trani, Lecce and Matera! You will taste local food and wine, cheeses, and fresh seafood.

Explore the country via Ape calessino, visit the UNESCO World Heritage sites of Matera and Alberobello with deluxe VIP transport, and enjoy an extra virgin olive oil tasting class and visit a local producer with a tasting of the Queen of Italian Cheeses, the Burrata.


Enjoy one of the most beautiful and colorful areas of Italy at Cinque Terre & Lake Como. With its enchanting villages and spectacular views, it is an area of Italy that should not be missed.


Explore Lake Como and Bellagio! This is a great experience of hiking around Lake Como, observing the scenery via water-taxi, and having unique food tasting experiences. Enjoy a boat ride to the famous Borromean Islands, lunch in a Michelin restaurant, an amazing trip to Valtellina and Bernina, a day trip to St. Moritz, and many other adventures and experiences along the way! (This is a small groups tour of 10-15 guests)



Sardinia is the second-largest island in the Mediterranean Sea, after Sicily, and one of the 20 regions of Italy.

Experience a Sicilian gourmet wine and food tour to the southern tip of Sicily, where you'll taste Italian wine and cuisine, and discover the history of the amazing island. Sicilian wines feature the medley of flavors that Sicily has been known for since ancient times. Sicily is known to have some of the best wines in Italy.



What food is Sicily known for?

The Italian Rivera is a spectacular area in Italy that is a stretch of coastline with an enchanting mix of history, pristine beaches, panoramic views, vibrantly colored homes, and mouthwatering regional cuisine.

Live like a Local in Rome! Live your dream of studying Italian language and cooking Roman style all while partaking in language study abroad! Enjoy an educational immersion into Roman culture, dialect, and traditional foods on this food tour. Experience hands-on lessons while seeing the highlights of the city and learning how to prepare traditional dishes with a local chef. You will return with skills that will last beyond the memories of the travel experience.

Sicily is the largest island in the Mediterranean Sea and is an island for everyone. Sicily not only has active volcanoes and snow capped mountains but also beautiful beaches and amazing sea life. Sicily is known for its cuisine which shows traces of all cultures that have existed on the island for decades. Sicilian food has a lot in common with the Italian cuisine, but it also has Greek, Spanish, French & Arab influences. To eat in Sicily is an experience all its own.



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Come Celebrate Thanksgiving this year Italian Style!

Live like a local through smaller tour groups of 10 to 15 guests and explore the incredible ghost village of Civita di Bagnoregio, experience a unique truffle hunting experience, a fun chocolate making class, and a wine tour.