escort Cooking

There is no better way to understand a culture than uniting around the table to enjoy a meal. At Perillo Groups, we believe in a new kind of culinary vacation. One where you are experiencing the world through exceptional cuisine and wines. Cooking tours help you to explore the world through a different perspective and allows you to ultimately re-connect with yourself through cooking classes, market and farm visits, wine and cheese tastings, and visiting with the beautiful culinary leaders in each culture. Each of Perillo Groups tours and journeys incorporate culture, nature, culinary traditions, and meeting the locals. We think this variety of sensory experiences only serves to broaden the mind and encourages individual growth.

Enjoy one of the most beautiful and colorful areas of Italy at Cinque Terre & Lake Como. With its enchanting villages and spectacular views, it is an area of Italy that should not be missed.


Live like a Local in Rome! Live your dream of studying Italian language and cooking Roman style all while partaking in language study abroad! Enjoy an educational immersion into Roman culture, dialect, and traditional foods on this food tour. Experience hands-on lessons while seeing the highlights of the city and learning how to prepare traditional dishes with a local chef. You will return with skills that will last beyond the memories of the travel experience.

Sicily is the largest island in the Mediterranean Sea and is an island for everyone. Sicily not only has active volcanoes and snow capped mountains but also beautiful beaches and amazing sea life. Sicily is known for its cuisine which shows traces of all cultures that have existed on the island for decades. Sicilian food has a lot in common with the Italian cuisine, but it also has Greek, Spanish, French & Arab influences. To eat in Sicily is an experience all its own.