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Bring learning to life with Perillo's Groups/ Learning Journeys Global Classroom.   See the world with your students, learn and give back.  We incorporate a wide variety of experiences into your program including the interactive school visits so students can experience hands on lessons in language, art, music, culinary and observe the world through a different cultural lens.     Select your discipline, and find a program that matches your teaching goals . Or let us create a custom program specifically for you and your students.  Teachers travel free with a little as six students.

Starting at $2875 per person pp.

The passion for  the  language and cuisine of Italy owes as much to the history and geography of the country as it does to its people, dialects and  regional cuisine.  Learn basic language skills, and get a taste of Italy’s gastronomic culture and local food as you make your way through the romantic Tuscany and The Cinque Terre on this exciting cooking tour. What we love about Italian Language and Cooking in Tuscany and The Cinque Terre: Feel and live the destination through visits, languages lessons and food immersions. Life enhancing, transformative travel.

Starting at $1690 pp.

Italy is a leader in the commerce of fashion and design. 90,000 firms and 800,000 jobs are the vital statistics of the Italian fashion system.  Students will learn various forms of fashion, art and design from both academics and local artisans.


Starting at $4290 pp.

Engage your senses during our professional level culinary exploration of Lyon, France.  Hands on experiences in cheese, chocolate, wine and bread making at some of the  renown culinary landmarks in the world.  A true immersion into fine gastronomy. Great for individual travelers, families and private culinary groups.

Starting at $1790 pp.

Volcanoes have been an integral part of the Icelanders’ way of life since the time of settlement in the late 9th Century. Without their geothermal heat we wouldn’t have the clean, alternative energy resources that are used in today’s modern Icelandic society. In this study tour learn first-hand why Iceland is one of the world’s leaders in green energy and sustainable development including an exciting expedition to the world famous Eyjafjallajökull volcano. Our guides provide scientific expertise and thorough local knowledge.

Visits Dublin, Belfast, Dingle Peninsula , Killarney , Cliffs of Moher

Ireland has vibrant culture with a third of the population under 25. Your students will experience an educational and fun journey of cultural immersion. Visit Dublin, experience the Gaelic Games, learn Gaelic language, immerse in a literary walking tour, music workshop, experience a dance lesson and enjoy the local culinary culture.

An art, language, history, music and culinary adventure. Stay in a 14th Century Tuscan Villa!

Visit the historic cities of Rome, Florence and Assisi. Learn about  art, history, music, language, cuisine and meet with local students to learn about life in Italy! Add a day trip to Venice.

Starting at $3575 pp.

Highlights include a specific focus on the art and architecture of the Renaissance. Stay at a 12th Century Tuscan Villa. Learning includes a language lesson and two exclusive drawing and painting “en plein air” classes, a mosaic tile class and a "Food as Art" experience.  In the warm weather months, course takes place outside, in the heart of Florence and Rome.

Travel to Florence Italy the capital of the Tuscany area. Florence  is considered by many academics to have been the birthplace of the Renaissance.  With its history and culture you will feel like a local. Immerese yourself in the culture and learn to speak Italian.